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The personal information you provide while using the services of this site will be kept under control by the site owner.

The expressions "Our Organization" and "we" used in this Privacy Statement refer to Meltem Bozçal , who controls your personal information . The term "You" used in this Privacy Statement refers to your person.


What information is collected?


By "personal information" is meant information about you and / or the third parties you represent (if you provide information about your family while using the services of this site, for example, your family members). When you visit this site and provide services to you, we may obtain personal information about you in the following ways:

(i) when you are asked to provide information directly when providing information about your personal profile or when using any contact us feature on the site (for example, when giving your name, surname, e-mail address and mailing address); or

(ii) information we receive with your consent, for example from financial institutions, companies and other individuals, or

(iii) indirectly, for example, by using ' cookies ' (as described below) or when customizing the software used to tailor the site to your particular preferences, or by monitoring your use of certain pages of the site (for example, your IP address) or other technical means that enable us to monitor your use of the site; or by receiving information from third parties who provide us with information about you.

We will collect, store, process, use, transmit and / or disclose such personal information only in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

If you act as an intermediary or otherwise act on behalf of third parties , or provide us with information about third parties (for example, a family member), this means that you are under the obligation to be the authorized representative or agent of that third party, and that we are responsible for our information from that third party. means that you have obtained all necessary permissions to collect, process, use and disclose. As we obtain third-party information from you, it is your responsibility to convey to the third party all matters contained in this Privacy Statement, preferably to provide the third party with a copy of this statement or to direct them to the website.

On this site, we generally do not aim to collect sensitive information such as those listed in paragraph 2 of Article 135 of the Turkish Penal Code. With the sensitive information you have provided without our request, you allow us to use this information for the following purposes and in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law.


How will personal information be used?


We can process and use the personal information we collect on this site and in other ways for the following purposes:

  • For the management of the site;

  • To send newsletters about services and products and / or to transmit advertisements;

  • In order to update our records and database ;

  • To improve the customization of the services we provide to you and to store information about you or the third party to whom you have provided information (for example your employer) 

Disclosure of personal information not known to the public to third parties who are not affiliated with the organization

We disclose personal information that is not within the public's knowledge to persons not affiliated with the organization, only when permitted by law. Personal information that is not within the public's knowledge may be provided to third parties not related to the organization, where permitted by law, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • In order to fulfill a validly published subpoena, search notice or legal requirements;

  • In relation to the possible sale, purchase , or merger of all or a part of our organization , or during the audit of our organization's professional practices. While doing this, necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the potential buyer of the company does not disclose the information obtained during the audit (eg a written confidentiality agreement will be signed); 

  • While engaging in actual or potential legal proceedings or proceedings to end other disputes , either by or against us , provided that the necessary information is disclosed for the purpose of filing, participating in, or defending the lawsuit, and that reasonable measures are taken so that the disclosed information does not become public ;

  • When providing information to third parties who are not affiliated with the company who provide services or perform duties for us pursuant to the provisions of the contract that prohibit the said third party or affiliate from using the information provided for any purpose other than the reason for the information provided;

  • When providing information to information processors, suppliers of goods and services solely for the purpose of processing your service or information requests.


Protecting the privacy of children


Meltem Bozçal is aware of the importance of protecting children's privacy, especially in the online environment. Although the site is not deliberately designed for children under the age of 18 , it may be necessary to collect and store information about children in order to perform the services we provide on your behalf.


However, it is among our principles that information belonging to children under 18 should never be collected and stored intentionally.


Is ' cookie ' used on the site ?


A ' cookie ' is the name given to the information sent and stored on the user's computer by an Internet service provider. The information contained in the ' cookies ' can be used when the user returns to the website in question . ' Cookies may contain various information, including the number of times the user entered the site in question. By using individual session ' cookies ' for each user, we can monitor how you use the site during a single session. Thanks to ' cookies , we can determine which browser you are using and offer you some special services.

By using the "help" function available in most browsers, you can learn how to prevent your computer from receiving ' cookies ', find out if ' cookies ' are being sent and disable them completely. However , keep in mind that if you disable ' cookies ' , you may not be able to use this site fully.

Our policy on ' cookies '


This site uses ' cookies ' for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Access certain information after entering the site in order to provide you with personalized content;

  • Track your preferences while using this site, such as your preferred date and number formats. We value the privacy of your information. We apply the following rules to protect the privacy and security of your confidential information to the highest possible level:

  • This site does not always have ' cookies ' on your disk drive . ' Cookies ' are removed when you close your browser or leave the site .

  • Information in all ' cookies ' sent to your computer from this site are sent encrypted.


How can I access my personal information, change this information and withdraw my consent on this matter?


You can request to access and correct all personal information we have collected about you through this site, and you can also request that we delete your personal information if you no longer want us to process this information. You may also have additional rights in this regard in accordance with applicable laws. You can send such requests and similar questions by e-mail to . Collection of personal information as described above to, storage, processing subjected to, use, forwarded and / or if you consent to the disclosure or if you allow before, contacting by e-mail our private information office at the address, you can undo any time you want this consent.    


You can update some of the information we hold about you by directly changing your user profile yourself.


Laws may require us to retain certain information for certain periods of time. Therefore, changes in your personal information specified in this article and removal of this information are subject to the requirements of the law.

How long is personal information stored?

We will retain your personal information only for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement for as long as required by law.

How is the security of personal information ensured?

We use generally accepted standard technologies and business security methods, including standard technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL), for the protection of personal information collected . However, due to the nature of the Internet, information can be accessed by unauthorized persons over networks without the necessary security measures.

After receiving the information, we ensure their safety.

Transfer of business

In this Privacy Statement, the rules regarding the information applied by Meltem Bozçal during its normal activities are discussed. Meltem Bozçal can transfer all the information she has to a business that will take over these activities.

Changes to this privacy statement

Meltem Bozçal reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason and to make changes in this statement.

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