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Unleash The Leader Within You

About this Event

This 3 MONTH program begins January 9th and continues through April 3rd, 2021


We begin with an in-depth 7 week leadership program, each Thursday 1pm to 4pm (UTC +3). The program runs weekly Jan 9th to Feb 20th.


Followed by 6 weeks of coaching, one hour each Thursday 1pm to 4pm (UTC +3) through April 3rd.


These last six months have invited us all to take a pause... to reevaluate our priorities and think about charting a new path forward. Where do you start? What is possible?


This fall Meltem Bozçal is offering an online leadership journey to transform your mindset about what is possible, break free from limiting beliefs, and set a path forward so you can achieve greater impact with ease and joy.


Through this Program You Will:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose, values, and what you care about

  • Create an inspiring vision and align your goals and actions for greater impact

  • Learn how to build relationships and get the results you want

  • Develop management skills and communication tools


Who is this program designed for:

Leaders who are interested in increasing their capacity to innovate, grow, and lead. Those interested in gaining clarity on their life and purpose, designing how to get there, and the support to make it happen. Are you a business professional, the founder of a startup or non-profit, a social entrepreneur? Then, this program is for YOU!


Achieve | Accelerate | Amplify

  • Achieve freedom from limitations that are holding you back

  • Accelerate your impact by expanding your vision and tapping into your authentic self

  • Amplify your success by powerfully communicating with teams, partners, and stakeholders


Meltem Bozçal committed to a world in which every individual operates from their full potential.

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