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Does chasing your dreams make your life happy?

This week I want to focus on the following question:

"Does chasing your dreams make your life happier?“

A while ago the world-renowned writer Paul Coelho, published a question on Yahoo "Would your pursuit of your dreams make the world a better place?" The feedback really impressed me. While some believed that pursuing our dreams would have great consequences, others were concerned that many people would pursue destruction and the pursuit of dreams would harm others.

I think we were created to pursue our dreams, but only after we understood them and just made sure they represented our best. I we act in the most fun, loving, creative, and willing selfs and express ourselves that way there will be no harm and no pain because we want to give ourselves and others the happiness and freedom. At the moment we want to harm, we think and act with a part of our wounded self. In this case, "imagination" implies, in a figurative sense, what we want to focus on or improve in our lives.

If it helps us to pursue our dreams, it usually happens to others. If our dreams are to grow, to be creative, to be more authentic and true, we believe that we must pursue, otherwise we miss the great opportunity called life.

What would your life be if you followed your dreams (your deepest wishes for yourself and your life)? I am very curious about your thoughts on this subject, I would be very glad if you share.

What would you like to be and what to do?

What's keeping you from doing this?

Would you enjoy life more if you start chasing your dreams today?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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